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Duration: 2 weeks


To address the problem of navigation in our college, we designed an app. It aims to give newcomers to the college a peace of mind and allows the user to search for and navigate to their desired facilities with ease.

My Teammates

Problem and Ideation

Lots of Services That Most Don't Know About

To begin with the project we started brainstorming by sketching various ideas on how to help newcomers and existing students find their way around the college.

Our team came to the conclusion that merging two of our best ideas was the way to go, signs and a navigation app.

ideation sketches
ideation sketches

Sketching and brainstorming ideas

paper mobile screens

Fabric child 2 picked

Scanning QR code on a sign

Scanning a QR barcode on a real sign we made

Render of a sign

Photoshop render of a sign of what it would look lke in the real world

Render of a sign

Second render

Digital and Physical

The app allows the user to search for services and facilities provided by the college by either entering the name of the department which has the desired facility or simply by entering what the user is looking for.

The app gives useful information beforehand and gives direction on where to go to find the service or facility

Shot of the App

Shot of the App in context