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Project duration: 14 weeks

Project Brief

This project was based on a brief titled AI100 for the Royal Society of Arts Student Design Awards. Our task was to design for “How might we use AI to support people to reach a happy, meaningful and productive one hundred year life?”.

We identified the issue of Social Isolation among older people and solution of creating a dynamic AI-powered database of services through interviews with the older people and experts in the medical field. Once we had a prototype of our solution, 'Grace'. We tested every aspect of it with real people.

AR Pathfinding overlayed on enviorment

My teammate

Diagram of A.I. Service Map

Service Map Detailing How Grace Works

diagram of Service Blueprint and User Journeymap

Service Blueprint and User Journeymap

flowchart of A.I. responses

3 different scripts created as a guideline for Grace to follow

Wireframes, low and high fidelity website designs

Website iterations